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Jumped (a short story)

Jumped By Cynthia L. Hall             The lights went out and Frank dove for his gun. He tried to remember in his mind its exact location. He could not recall a time in his career when he had ever surrendered his weapon, but seeing Kim with the blood streaming down her face from the gash

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Hello Everyone! I am taking a break this Short Story Thursday to put in a timely short story for Easter. I hope you enjoy it and I will be finishing up Choices a week from today. Happy Easter to all!   Disciple by Cynthia Hall John 12:26 Whoever serves me must follow me; and where

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Choices…Part 5

The van rushed in front of her. Two men jumped from the van and grabbed her arms. Before Jordan could scream they slapped a piece of masking tape over her mouth and dragged her into the van. They shoved her to the floor and the van sped away. One man held on to her while

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Choices Part 4

Lauren stomped on the breaks, but it was too late. The deer’s head came crashing through the windshield. The front of the car buckled against the deer’s massive body and the driver’s seat door flew open on impact. The air bag deployed, but that wouldn’t help Lauren. She wasn’t wearing a seat belt and her

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Choices…Part 3

“Wild shit.” Dodger added. Jordan was still shaking when she hopped into the back seat of the beamer. “Did you see the look on their faces when they saw the gun was real?” Frank laughed. “Punks.” Dodger huffed. “The younger guy was on the news. He was arrested for rape.” Jordan opened a new bottle

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Choices Part 2

Jordan took the keys and the three of them walked back to the cars in the dark. Jordan’s nagging subconscious told her not to go with them, to get into her own car and go home, but she wasn’t listening. When they arrived at the state store, it was just as Jordan had said, closed.

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Subtle Sovereignty

Hi Friends! Subtle Sovereignty is a short-short that I have been working with for many years. I completed it, let it sit, did a rewrite and have edited it many times after. It’s more prose than it is a short story, but there is a beginning, a middle and an end. This is one of

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First Date

Hello everyone! I am going to put out the entire story today because it is a short one! It’s also appropriate for the Valentines Day week.  Enjoy!   “I can’t believe I am going on a date. It’s been eight years.” “It’s been over two years since Ronny’s death. It’s time. “Thanks for watching the

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Unfortunate Circumstances – Part 2

“Tell me Mike’s plan.” Mike hired eight guys for each club. He knows the clubs have four bouncers per shift, so its eight to four in Mike’s favor. Plus Mike has the element of surprise. Mike and the guys wait outside the club until the last customer is gone then they go in through the

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