A Word About Saint Valentine’s Day…

I just finished watching the movie, Valentine’s Day, staring a boat load of popular people like, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Eric Dane, Jessica Biel, Queen Latifah, Patrick Dempsey, Topher Grace, Taylor Swift and the list goes on. I like the movie. I have seen it before and I watched it again, so I must like the move, but not so much because it’s a great movie (I prefer movies that make loud noised and blow things up) but because it really portrays the angst single people, not in a relationship, go through on a commercial holiday that carries with it so much pressure to be involved with someone, to have a significant other, and to show them-or prove to them-that your feelings for them are very real. Possibly stronger than any of your friends relationships. (wink-wink)

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with showing your spouse or dating buddy that you do have feelings for them, but does that really have to be crammed into one day? One day in February? I did a little research and found a few versions of how Saint Valentine’s Day actually started.

The 14th of February was the appointed day to remember Saint Valentine. Who was Saint Valentine? There are many floating stories surrounding that as well. One story suggest Valentine was arrested and imprisoned for refusing to worship pagan gods. He made friends with the jailor’s daughter and through prayer, cured her of some terrible disease, On February 14th, the day of his execution, he delivered a written note to her signed, Your Valentine.

Another story implies Valentine was a Roman priest (around 270 AD) that performed marriages in secret, against the laws of Emperor Claudius, who a one-time forbid marriages.

A couple of other stories; Valentine helped Christians during a time of persecution. He was arrested and wrote notes, before he was clubbed to death, signed Remember your Valentine and I love you.

Anywho, whoever he was and wherever he came from, a legacy was left from him that has lasted years. It might have been easier for some to stick with the idea of a nice signed card, eh? I digress.

My favorite part of the movie (Valentine’s Day, in case I lost you), is the yearly VD dinner that all the single women go to when they are not partnered with someone, when they consider themselves “losers”. The party is held in an ethnic restaurant and during the party the other restaurant patrons get involved with their party, at which time the women don’t really realize that they are probably having more fun than a lot of the other characters in the movie, who are battling relationship problems. It’s worth the watch—and maybe on Valentine’s Day itself. Yeah?

A word about last-minute gift ideas…

Trying not to break the bank? Take your sig-other on a hike, then finish it with hot chocolate. Try a CD, make a dessert, or make a card. Nothing says “Uber Special’ like something homemade. Buy them a book by their favorite author, what’s this you say? You don’t know who that is? Well–my book is available on the SHOP page, and I will sign it! :}

Guys like tools, grunt-grunt, but remember Christmas has passed so not a generator; more like a wrench. A single flower can say a lot more sometimes more than a bunch. Attach a piece of poetry (that someone else has written) and Vállal!

Whatever you come up with I’m sure it will be fine. Just don’t add any pressure and enjoy the day!

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