One of the things that fascinates me about growing older is the things that I have experienced. Take the weather for example, below zero temps for days in a row! Can’t say I really remember that happening before. For those of us in Ohio, we know the weather is forever changing. And as much as I love the Caribbean weather, I also enjoy the four seasons, but extreme temperatures in any season frightens me a bit

I lived in tornado alley for a while and there were some windy days and nights that forced me into a corner in the basement waiting for things to blow over. One particular night I was in bed, almost asleep, when I heard it. The train sounding noise. I got up, grabbed by French poodle in one arm and my cat in the other, and ran to the basement. As I was running out of the bedroom the glass from a six foot window hit the back of my leg. The storm wasn’t listed as a tornado, but it was strong.

My dad grew up in Akron, Ohio and when it rained he would also tell the story that when he was a boy he was outside playing and it rained in his back yard but not the front. I thought that was weird. I know there are rain clouds that only rain in a certain area, but back yard to front yard seemed a close cut-off line. Then it happened to me. I was in the front yard when it started to rain and I ran to the back to put down the table umbrella and found it wasn’t raining at all, in fact the sun was shining.

I spent some time back in the early 1970’s, Naples and Marco Island area. You know sunny Florida. Well, one entire month it was so cold I wished I had packed my winter coat, especially at night. My heavy, winter coat for crying out loud. I did had very sunny and hot weather too. The first day I arrived went out on the beach, first time seeing the ocean and mesmerized by it, and I walked all day long. Up and down the beach. Back and forth, without sunscreen. I guess I didn’t know any better. That night my body became twice its size and, I am not exaggerating. I was so swollen I was unrecognizable. I should have gone to a hospital, but, again, I guess I didn’t know any better. I lived through it.

One summer, years ago in Ohio, it was steadily hot for three months. Randy and I were living in an apartment without air conditioning. On a Sunday afternoon, when the temps were in the 90’s, we couldn’t take it anymore and we spend three hours walking around K-Mart to get in the air conditioning. Hot temps care really make you lethargic. Sleeping was something else.

Now, we are experiencing another extreme weather condition. I can’t help but hope and pray that the electric or our furnace doesn’t go out. I saw people out walking today, without head gear or anything over their face or ears. The news said not to do that, I know I couldn’t. So for the next week or so I will be in a house, at work, or in my heated car.

I’m holding onto the fact that spring is just around the corner and I am hoping for a somewhat normal spring. I think normal is still a thing.

February 2015
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