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Just back from St. John

Hello everyone,

We just got home from one wonderful week in St. John USVI. I love that little island, all 20 square-miles of it. I love the beaches, the food, the hair-pin turns in the extremely hilly roads, the geckos, the wild donkey that roam free, the crabs, the ocean fish that you can see clearly because the water there is crystal clear in the ocean, the deer, and flora and fauna. Yep, love it to death. I don’t even mind slathering on the sunscreen at the beginning of every day and showering it off at the end of the day. Sunsets, driving on the left side of the road, Painkillers, fresh seafood, views beyond belief, and locals that always smile.

I’m sure in the next couple of months I will blog in detail about certain aspects of the island. You will get a better understanding about why my first book had to be placed on St. John.

Painkillers, but he way, are island drinks made with the local rum. St. John’s heritage started with the Indian inhabitants as far back as 700 BC. The Danes settled around 1675 then colonized d 1717, establishing Coral Bay at the east end of de island, (and our favorite part as far as staying there). By 1733 the Danish and the Dutch established businesses consisting of sugar, tobacco and cotton. Donkeys were used as work-horses and were eventually left on the island to breed and become “wild”. But that didn’t happen until after the rebellion of the slaves that were living there in appalling conditions and used as work-horses as well. In 1733 the slaves rebelled and went on a terrible killing spree, killing the island’s top magistrate followed by killing the soldiers at the fort at Coral Bay and the plantations masters that sought  refuge at the fort. After the emancipation, black and white residents settled on small farms.

The US purchased St. John, known as the Danish West Indies, in 1917. Then in the 1950’s Laurance Rockefeller built Caneel Bay Resort on 170 acres, then donated the remainder of his holdings back to the government for development of a national park. President Eisenhower established the Virgin Island National Park in 1956, which now covers two-thirds of the island.

Just last Wednesday night, Randy and I had dinner on Caneel Bay Resort beach by tiki torch light as the sun went down.  Ahhhhhhh…..


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