Quote for the Day – “The act of writing is the greatest motivation for procrastination” Cynthia L. Hall

The act of writing is the greatest motivation for procrastination. The best way for me to get rest or time off is to tell myself I’m going to sit down and write. Something as simple as a thank-you note can have me sitting in a chair, tapping my fingers and getting nowhere for over an hour. Imagine how long a letter to the editor would take.

Wikipedia says; Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, sometimes to the “last minute” before the deadline, and Merriam-Webster; verb – To put off intentionally and habitually.

I love to write, but I’m telling you, if I don’t sit and get started right away my mind will drift and before you know it I will be out of the chair and cleaning, cooking or playing phone games with friends.

What if say, Alexander Graham Bell had been a procrastinator? Paul Revere, Joan of Arc, the Wright brothers, Florence Nightingale, or Santa Claus! Geez!

Or Jesus? It could have gone something like this. Day one, heaven and earth. Day two, the sky. Day three, He chose to procrastinate all day, so, Day four, islands, continents, dry land. (Which should have been day three, um, He is a day behind). Day five, creates all the stars and heavenly bodies. The movement of these will help man track time. He gets a little bored in the afternoon and procrastinates with marveling over his beautiful heavens, so no moon, Day Six, things that fly, things that swim. He tries to make up time and do the moon, but the timing was off, so that doesn’t happen. Day Seven, everybody knows that day seven is for rest, which He does on day three, so I’m afraid there weren’t any days left for the creation of man. Well, that certainly would have changed a few things.

I have one book written. Book two is in first draft and the revision process needs to be addressed. I have several short stories and book ideas that need to be completed. There’s something about having a deadline that throws the procrastinator into action, thus my website and blog, and Short Story Thursday. It’s my opinion that social websites, e-games and phone apps were developed by procrastinators for procrastinators. But then, that’s just my opinion. Well, I’d better hop-to it if I’m going to get anything done, but in a minute. I think I will paint my nails first.

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October 2020

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