A word about Short Story Thursday…

Hey there! I am going to let you in on something. The first two stories for Short Story Thursday where written completely when I put them out there. Not so much with Choices. I had a good start to the story and thought by putting it out there it would make me finish it. It went well for Part 2. Tomorrow is Part 3 and I am still writing that part tonight. So you, the readers, have become part of my work in progress. So I’m not sure at this point how long the story is or when it will be complete. Kinda cool. I’m only behind because my free-from-work hours have been filled as of late.

I am going to ask you to help me with something else, once the story is finished. Choices is a working title and I don’t really like it. So at the end of the story I would love to hear your ideas for a new title.

I’d better get busy writing.

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June 2020

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