A word about erectile dysfunction…

How many of you were intrigued by the title? How many appalled? Anyone, annoyed because you thought; not this again? Anyone embarrassed?

I’m watching the b-ball game with my husband when a commercial about erectile dysfunction comes on. It was around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. We’re not 30 years old any more so we make fun and think of all kinds of jokes that go with this hot subject. We are mature adults that understand just exactly what that means.

Now, that said, there are a huge number of teens that watch b-ball at 4:00 0’clock in the afternoon too. I’m sure the boys, with their youth, think of even funnier stuff than my husband and I do, and I’m sure the teen girls are just disgusted by such a topic.

Now, that said, I remember once a long time ago, like 13 years ago, when the 12 year old boy I was watching was at my house and we were watching a daytime game show when guess what? A commercial came on about erectile dysfunction. He immediately buried his head in a book and his cheeks turned red. There was nothing I could do. It wouldn’t do me any good to change the channel, the damage had been done. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Same year, different day, a commercial pops up about feminine odor, yep. How embarrassing. I know that 12 year old boys, and girls, know things. That’s all good, but I also know that those types of commercials are NOT for mixed audiences. I know this is America and freedom of speech and so on, and so on. I’m not a prude either. There are many commercials that I think are not for mixed viewers; erectile dysfunction, tampons, and adult diapers; and I feel if one needs products for such things, they will be able to find it. I really think that if I were suffering from erectile dysfunction I wouldn’t be waiting for a television commercial to come on to tell me of the best product out there. If I needed adult diapers, I wouldn’t be on my sofa waiting for a commercial to come on so I can find that in the drug store and believe –you –me, every young going through puberty is getting help from their mothers, or order girl friends that already know what’s-what.

I’m not trying to be the commercial police, I just wish I could have watched that game show with my 12 years old friend without having to have been embarrassed for him while he was embarrassed. That’s all. ‘nough said.


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June 2020

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