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Graham Brown author Graham Brown actor

Graham Brown is a fairly new author and one of my favorites. The two pictures above are both Graham Brown; one is an actor, one is an author. Without using the internet, can you guess which one is the author? Is the author Graham Brown on the right, or is he on the left?

I first stumbled on Graham Brown when I was looking for a thriller to read and since I haven’t ever read a Clive Cussler book I decided to go that route. I chose one that was co-authored with Brown; Zero Hour. Loved it!

Then I looked for a book authored only by Brown and found Black Rain. Loved it. I am currently reading Black Sun and of course, loving it. He co-authored some other books with Cussler, Devil’s Gate and The Storm.  He also co-authored with Spencer Andrews. I’m gonna go out on a short limb here and guess that Cussler co-authored with Brown because he saw his potential. What a great way to break into the writing world. I will note that on the Cussler books, Brown’s name is smaller, and the co-authored book with Andrews, Brown’s name is in bigger print. So I googled Spencer Andrews, no stand alone books…,yet. I think I need to find a famous author friend.

Anyway, if thriller’s are your thing, you might like Brown. I think he shows great potential. But before you look him up, can you tell me which picture is the author Graham Brown?



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July 2020

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