2018 Whoo-tee-whoo! Happy to be here. Last year was rough with my sister’s chemo treatments of six months turning into one year due to complications; stoke, broken femur, and a five-week hospital stay, with many trips in between, and rehab. But, eventually she finished, is mending at home and every day getting stronger. What a blessing.
My goal for this year is to have my novel published (conventionally) and proceeds going to the revitalization of St. John USVI. It was a bad year for that part of the Caribbean and all who live there. It will take a long time for them to recover and I really want to help with the effort to get them up and running once again.
On the selfish side, we were going to take a trip to St. John in June. My daughter was married a year ago October and my husband and I were planning to take her new hubby to see our favorite little island. We first visited when our daughter was 5, now 31. We ferried over from St. Thomas, walked to the rental building for a jeep, and once we got on the road and on our way to the villa, her tiny voice from the back seat said, “I tink I gonna like it here.” And that’s how it goes. You fall in love immediately with the sight, sounds and flavors of the island and never want to leave.
I pursued once to publish Secret Sacrifices to no avail, but I am determined to try everything I know to get it done so the money can be used in a good way.
I hope all of you have a blessed new year!

May 2024