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2018 Whoo-tee-whoo! Happy to be here. Last year was rough with my sister’s chemo treatments of six months turning into one year due to complications; stoke, broken femur, and a five-week hospital stay, with many trips in between, and rehab. But, eventually she finished, is mending at home and every day getting stronger. What a

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A word about writing….

Some of you have been following my Short Story Thursdays and if you have seen the last few Thursdays posts you know that I am writing the story Choices as time goes along. I don’t have an ending, what you see from week to week is what I’m writing from week to week. I was writing tonight and realized

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A word about Short Story Thursday…

Hey there! I am going to let you in on something. The first two stories for Short Story Thursday where written completely when I put them out there. Not so much with Choices. I had a good start to the story and thought by putting it out there it would make me finish it. It went

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For those who have kitties…..

When our previous cat passed away we spent a little bit of time without a pet, but after a few weeks had passed, I kept thinking about all the unwanted, needy cats out there. I explained to my hubby that I had lots of love to give to a kitty without a home, so our

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Good Times

My mom grew up in the depression and was ten years old when it ended. She was a depression kid. I have said these words many times while exchanging stories at parties, but it was just recently that I really understood the meaning of these words. My mother lived with her grandparents, my great-grandparents. My grandmother,

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