Choices…Part 5

The van rushed in front of her. Two men jumped from the van and grabbed her arms. Before Jordan could scream they slapped a piece of masking tape over her mouth and dragged her into the van. They shoved her to the floor and the van sped away. One man held on to her while the other put plastic handcuffs around her wrists and threw her body to the floor of the van. Her body roll and bumped around as the van hit potholes. The back windows were covered with black and all she could see from the floor were the two men that grabbed her sitting in the only two bucket seats in the van. The driver and the passenger.

“Slow down and let the guy pass.” The man in the passenger seat watched his side view mirror.

The van slowed.

“He’s still behind us and now he’s flashing his bright lights. Like he wants us to stop,” said the driver.

“That ain’t happening. It’s probably some old dude that doesn’t know what to do.”

“Maybe something’s wrong with the van, in the back or something.”

“Naw, he’s just being a jerk. I’ll wave him around.” He stuck his arm out the window and motioned for the car behind them to pass.

But it didn’t. The vehicle began to speed up until it almost hit the back end of the van, then it backed off quickly and swerved from side to side. All the while, flashing bright lights off and on. The vehicle came parallel to the van and revved its engine several time before it dropped off and went right behind the van; the front end of the vehicle hidden in the rear mirrors of the van.

“I’m going to get rid of this piss head.” The driver swerved back and forth in an attempt to frighten his tailgater. The van’s big Michelin tires threw gravel and sand behind it, kicking up quite a dust storm.

“Look at the dust back there, dude.

The driver made a sharp U-turn, kicking up even more dust. Jordan was tossed around the back of the van like a pin-ball ball.

“I’m going to scare the shit out of this guy.”

The dust made it almost impossible for the two men to see anything in front of them or behind them.

“Can you see his head lights”?

“No, dude, I can’t see anything.”

The sat quite for a moment and then the rear van doors were ripped open. Frank and Dodger stepped up inside in a split second. Frank helped Jordan to her feet while Dodger held the gun on the two men.

“Put your hands on the steering wheel. Both of you.”

No one moved.

“Now,” Dodger shouted.

The men did as Dodger instructed, but reluctantly. Frank used electrical tape to fasten their hands to the steering wheel.

“This is bullshit, man,” the driver protested.

Dodger shoved the gun to the driver’s head. “No, bullshit is when you grab a women from the streets and force her to go with you to do God only knows what to her. You boys just relax for a while and think about how you could or should have done things differently. Someone will be here soon to get you.”

Frank snipped off Jordan’s plastic handcuffs and the three of them left the van. Jordan pulled the tape from her mouth.

“How did you find me?”

“We never really lost you. We followed you from the apartment building.” Frank explained. “We could see you needed some time alone so we gave you some space.”

Jordan threw her arms around Frank’s neck. “Thank you. I was so freaked out. I didn’t know where they were taking me.”

“How about me?” Dodger said.

Jordan ran to him and when she reached him he put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her. Kissed her hard, smack dab on the mouth. She melted at his touch. The kiss lasted about sixty seconds and when Dodger released her Jordan stumbled backwards. He caught her arm to steady her.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.”

“What’s going to happen to them,” she asked.

“We have someone coming for them.”

She didn’t question things any further. She was just happy to be back inside the beamer.


Jordan woke up just as the sun was coming up in the east. Dodger was beside her and sleeping.

“Where are we?”

“Almost to New York.” Frank answered

“New York? City?”

“That’s the one.” Frank smiled.

“I can’t go to New York. I’m due at work.”

“You’re going to call off today.”

Dodger woke up. “Coffee.”

“He’s cranky without his morning coffee.” Frank answered.

Dodger pulled his ball cap down over his face and folded his arms around his chest.

“Wake me when we get some.”

“There’s a rest stop ahead. We can go in there.”

It was evident to Jordan that she wasn’t going to talk Frank into turning the car around and take her home. She had chosen to hang with Frank and Dodger and this is what has happened. Jordan went to the restroom and used her cell to call work. She lied and said she wasn’t feeling well. She had to speak to her immediate supervisor who gave her hell for being sick and said she was needed at work. He finished the conversation by telling her illness was had better only last a day. He made Jordan so angry she threw her phone against the wall. Dumb move. It broke into several pieces. She tried to recover them all but it didn’t really matter. The phone no longer worked.

May 2024