First Date

Hello everyone!

I am going to put out the entire story today because it is a short one! It’s also appropriate for the Valentines Day week.  Enjoy!

“I can’t believe I am going on a date. It’s been eight years.”

“It’s been over two years since Ronny’s death. It’s time.

“Thanks for watching the kids. Will you zip my dress?”

Sonja went to help her sister.

Rachel giggled. “I feel twenty again.”

“You’re well past twenty my dear.”

“What do I do if the night ends…well, you know?” asked Rachel.

“You think? On the first date?”

“We’ve worked together for over a year and we have lunch together. It’s not like we hardly know each other. Do I ask if he has protection?”

Sonja laughed. “I’m an old married lady, what do I know about such things? What I do know is that you’re going to need someone to unzip your dress.”

Rachel smiled, and then shuddered. “Ahhh, this is weird. Maybe I shouldn’t go.”

“And waste this perfect little black dress? Not on your life. Go have a good time. I have all night, so if you don’t come home…”

Rachel slapped her sister’s shoulder. “Stop it. I can’t do that.” She pretended to be fussing with her hair in front of the mirror, but was really checking for her sister’s reflection “Can I?”

“Hey, that’s entirely up to you darlin’. I can be here tonight or in the morning. Makes no difference.”

“I can’t believe we’re talking about this. Maybe I should call and tell him one of the kids got sick.”

“Really?” Sonja grabbed Rachel’s arm and swung her around and pushed her clutch purse at her. “Take your purse. He’ll be here any minute.”

Rachel hesitated.

Again, Sonja pushed Rachel gently from behind.

“Rach, it’s like riding a bike, getting back on the horse, um, reciting your time tables. You know…it’ll come naturally for you.” She practically shoved Rachel through the bedroom door.

“I’m light headed.”

“I know, but that has nothing to do with tonight.”

“Very funny. Quit pushing. I can move on my own now, thank you.”

The sister’s went to the living room where the two children were watching TV. Rachel went to the kitchen and came back with a cloth and began dusting the furniture.

“What are you doing now?” Sonja yanked the cloth from her sister’s hands. “Give me that.”

“I don’t want him to think I keep a dirty house.”

“Too late for that,” Sonja teased. “Besides, he’s not gonna be looking at the house when you’re wearin’ that dress.”

“What do you mean?”

Sonja raised her eyebrows and pulled at her blouse button near her breasts.

Rachel slapped her hand over hers. “Is this neckline too low?” she whispered, trying not to attract her five and seven year olds’ attention from the TV show.

“What neckline?’ Sonja made her eyes really big.

“Ohmigod, ohmigod. I’ll go change.”

Sonja had to grab her sister’s arm again. “Get back here. I was only kidding. You look amazing. But he will be looking at you…a lot!”

“You’re making me crazy.”

“Yeah, ain’t it fun?”

Rachel turned to leave again.

“Where are you going now?”

“I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth.”

“You must have. You’re wearing lipstick. You wouldn’t have put it on without brushing.”

“I suppose you’re right.” She cupped her hand over her mouth and blew out a breath for a simple check. “Maybe I’ll use the restroom one last time.”

“You’ve gone two times since I got here. You’re not that old yet.”

“Almost middle aged.”


“Well, thirty-four. That’s middle aged.”

“Maybe if it were the 1800’s. Hey, do you remember our very first date together?”

Rachel smiled. “We went out with the Melford twins.”

“I went with Pete and you with John.”

“Afterwards we decided we were with the wrong brother. I should have been with John and you with Pete.” They laughed.

“Those boys sure were horny.”

“Shhh!” Rachel put a finger to her mouth and made a gesture toward the kids for her sister to see.

“Like they’d know what horny is. That is, if they were listening, which they aren’t.”

“Well, I don’t need something like that to come back to haunt me some day. Kids are always listening, especially when you think they aren’t.”

Rachel checked her hair again, this time in the living room mirror. “You know what? I’m just going to go out, have a nice dinner with another adult, and call it quits from there. I’m not ready for a dating kind of thing.”

“That’s just nerves talking.”

“No really. I can’t see myself even having a good-night kiss. There could be hand holding, walking arm-in-arm, smiling and laughing at jokes. All that is so stressful.”

“Oh, I know what you mean sister. Why, all that love and attention. It’s grossly overrated and belittling. You should stay at home and pout.” Sonja rolled her eyes.

Rachel rebutted. “Remember when you and Chuck were dating, before you married? You’d come home from dates blurting out the details, sometimes telling too much information.”             “He was a good lover.” Sonja smiled and looked away in dreamy land.

“I’m talking about before you slept with him. You used to say you were so tired at the end of the evening from thinking up things to talk about all the time.”

“Rach, you know Chuck doesn’t talk a lot. We get a good story at Christmas and Easter. That’s all we really need from him anyway. Besides, he does his talking in bed, if you know what I mean.” Sonja raised her eyebrows and shifted her eyes from side to side.

“Stop that. A good relationship is not always just about that.”

“Agreed, but it sure can help.” The women laughed. “Anyway, you’ll find plenty to talk about. You’ve apparently found things to talk about when you have lunch together.”

“But this is a date. A real date!”

“Don’t make it different. Just be yourself and stop worrying about things that aren’t happening.”

“Everything comes easy for him. He’s so natural, so charming. He’s soft spoken and his every move precise. He’s very nearly perfect.”

“What an awful thing to say,” teased Sonja.

Rachel laughed, “I guess I make him sound too good to be true.”

“He’s probably thinking the same thing about you. That’ll change when he gets to know you better.”

“Hey, I thought you were here for support.”

“I’m here to watch your kids.”

“Seriously, you have been a great help to me since Ronny’s died, and a big confidence booster of late.”

“Just don’t let it go to your head. You may appear too aggressive.”

“I could use a little aggression tonight.”

“Oooo, now you’re talkin’.”

“Stop that! I’m going to send you home to your hubby.”

“No, no, please don’t.”

The door bell rang and Rachel froze.

“I’ll get it.” Sonja started for the door. “You should go back to the bedroom and make a grand entrance like in the movies.”

“Stop teasing. Just get the door.”

“I’ll do that while you breathe.”

Sonja opened the door, introduced herself and let Paul inside.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you,” answered Paul.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

He looked at his watch. “No thank you, we have dinner reservations.”

Rachel moved forward to greet him and the heel of her shoe got stuck on the carpet. She tripped. Paul immediately stepped in to catch her as she stumbled.

“Are you all right?”

“Fine, I’m having the carpet removed on Monday.” A rush of adrenaline made her laugh louder that normal and she quickly changed the subject. “Paul, I’d like you to meet my children. Kids, come meet Mr. Cline.”

They jumped to their feet and stared at their guest.

“This is Justin and Sara. This is Mr. Cline.”

Seven-year-old Justin stuck out his hand like he had been taught. “Hello, Mr. Cline.”

Paul took his hand, “Justin, nice to meet you, and this must be your sister, Sara?”

“She doesn’t shake hands yet, she’s too little,” Justin noted.

“That’s all right, we can just say hello.”

“You’re charming just like mama said,” Sara said.

“Oh dear,” Rachel blushed.

Justin added, “Aunt Sonja says you’re horny too. Is that your job?”

“Wha…” stuttered Rachel.

Sonja and Paul laughed. Rachael stood in shock wishing she could disappear into the wall.

“Well, Justin, it’s not exactly my job, but it is something I aspire to.” Paul gave a wink.

Sonja took the children by their hands, “Just look at the time kids. Let’s go watch Barnaby, or Dorrie, or whatever TV show you watch.”

Justin turned back around for one last comment, “Mommy said she’s going to ask you for protection.”

“Oh Paul, I’m so sorry. I think that’s our cue to leave.”

Rachel looked back as she hurried Paul out the door. Sonja was practically doubled over in laughter.

“Very funny. Oh yeah, I probably won’t be coming home ever again so you can finish raising my children. See if you think that’s funny. Rachael takes her sister’s advice and makes a sweeping exit like in the movies.

May 2024