For those who have kitties…..

When our previous cat passed away we spent a little bit of time without a pet, but after a few weeks had passed, I kept thinking about all the unwanted, needy cats out there. I explained to my hubby that I had lots of love to give to a kitty without a home, so our search began.

Our daughter, Karen, who was away at college was part of the search. We went to a couple of local shelters, but I just couldn’t get a good feel for the right kitty. We used the internet after that and stumbled on the Save Ohio Strays site (SOS), where we could see picture of kitties and get profiles too. I came across a litter of kitties just a few weeks old that were being cared for at foster home in Homervlle. I felt more comfortable with the idea of foster homes instead of shelters too, so we made an appointment and took a drive.

We were met at the door by maybe three barking dogs, can’t really recall the exact count, and foster mom Margaret. She took us to the kitty room, where we found the litter of kitties that had been posted on line. When they post the online kitties, they give them names for their profiles. Adoptive parents are not forced to keep the names, it just makes it easier to depict which one people are talking about. This particular litter was named after the royal family; Charles, Diana, William, Harry, Fergie, Beatrice and so on.

We sat on the floor with the kitties and let them do their thing, walk on us and we pet them. They were all very beautiful. Most of them were dark gray and white, Fergie was different with kind of a calico thing going on, and lighter fur. It didn’t take Karen and Randy to get attached to Harry, and I could see why. He was probably the friendliest out of the bunch. I was having a bit of trouble. I agreed wholeheartedly with them about Harry, but I had a hunch and hit it off with another little one. I was pressing Randy to take two kitties, but he didn’t want to do that.

Margaret’s two teen age sons came into the room and I asked them about their individual personalities. The one son said Beatrice had the best personality, liked to play a lot. When the boys spoke to us I understood the royal kitty names. They both had British accents. We left about an hour later with Harry. Margaret eyes welled up with tears when she found out we were not going to change his name. This was the end of October. We had made the right choice, but I continued to watch the litter disappear one-by-one as they were adopted. Every time saying to hubby that another one was adopted maybe we should get another. Nope. Then it was down to three left, and even hubby was watching the process. I stopped watching because it was starting to get to me. I shook it off and let it go.

The first week of December Randy and Karen came into the house with my early Christmas gift. Little Beatrice. She was so tiny compared to Harry, about half his size. She still is. Harry is long and lean, Beatrice not-so-much. She is short and round with the tiniest little head and Margaret’s boys were right, what a personality. Harry is a lover and Beatrice likes to play. We found out through the SOS newsletter that a couple of their brothers and sisters were adopted in pairs as well. All were placed and doing well. That was five years ago.

June 2024