In frigid February, a trip to the Caribbean sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It did for Maggie Brown and her 10-year-old daughter Tracey, too. Until Tracey was kidnapped… read more

The Medina County Gazette
Debut novels don’t get much better than Wadsworth author Cynthia L. Hall’s new book Secret Sacrifices. The thriller tackles the awfulness of child abduction in a way that makes you want to keep reading instead of slamming the book and your mind shut on the subject matter. Readers will want to keep turning the pages of this thriller until they reach the very end… read more


“I generally read about ten to twelve novels a year and sometimes I get part way through and decide not to finish. Other times I enjoy the book so much that I am sorry when it’s finished. Then there are the books that I have enjoyed so much that I make a note to read them again in a year or so. I put your book in this third category.”
John Grom, OH

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your imagination and writing skills. I can’t remember when I have been more captivated and intrigued. I find myself thinking about it during the day and wondering what is coming next!”
The Reverend James L. Singleton, OH

“I read your book and thought it was great! The story was very intriguing.”
Judy Curtis, FL

“I’d like to thank you for leaving a copy of your book at the house in St. John. While reading the guest book comments, I saw your entry and found your book on the shelf. It was a good read and I enjoyed it very much. You have a wonderful talent.”
Nelly Thomas

“I was given a copy of Secret Sacrifices by a friend. I found your book very entertaining. I liked the way it all tied together at the end.”
Jane Dunham, OH

“Wow! I am so impressed by your writing ability. This reader was grabbed at the entry and the anticipation lasts throughout the whole book. Your character development and the settings were great. Your attention to detail was amazing. Looking forward to your next book.”
Dorothy Daniel, OH

“Your book arrived in the mail today and I read it in one sitting! The characters were certainly interesting. St. John’s setting was mysterious enough to provide an interesting backdrop for the abduction. The plot was developed with ample detail to enhance the conclusion. Super job!”
Francis Ortiz, NM

“I loved your book! Hard to put down.”
Nanci Sullivan, OH

“A friend gave me a copy of Secret Sacrifices. It is wonderful! I couldn’t put it down.”
Mary Meeks, OH

April 2024